.:Language Services:.

Clarion Language Services, the newest Calgary based language services agency has been modifying its profile to meet client needs since it formally started operations on 1998. It operates as sole proprietorship. The business is home based and operated by Lara Ade. At present, Clarion works in up to 24 other languages apart from English and French and our list of languages is ever-increasing.


Clarion Language Services will offer its services to four types of customers: The Oil & Gas Industry, manufacturers and the Government and its agencies and last but not least the community as a whole. Examples of individuals in the community that may benefit from our services are new immigrants to Canada or families requiring nanny services. Businesses from this segment will include personal documents (birth and marriage certificates, diplomas and testimonials) etc. for various purposes.


Clarion's services include translation, interpretation, review/editing, customized language training and language assessment. Specialized nannies will also be provided. Ultimately, we will be offering everyone the opportunity to be served in the language of his or her first choice no matter what that service is; medical, legal or childcare. It is more common today to have an employment agency send a skilled worker to go and work in a specific field. Clarion is unique in that it will not be limited to a specific area of specialization but will encompass all of them. The research conducted by Clarion in 2000 showed that there were about 81,640 French-speaking and non -official language users in Calgary and surrounding. The staff will be able to give language assistance in various fields.


It is our hope that Clarion Language Services will become the premier provider of such services.


Mission Statement
To ensure clarity in communications by breaking down all forms of language barriers and providing high quality language services so that what is said is really what is meant.


Vision Statement
Clarion Language Services will eventually become the primary multi-language agency providing language services in all walks of life for people of all ages culture and profession.


Clarion Language Services is a premier language service provider fulfilling the needs of all who require the services of translators, interpreters or language instruction in order to communicate effectively. The newest area of Clarion’s business is dedicated to French-speaking working families who require French-speaking nannies.

Clarion Language Services is involved with businesses doing international trade, the government of Canada, Alberta Provincial Court and the Calgary Board of Education. Clarion also services new immigrants to Canada. Clarion Language Services will become the primary multi-language agency providing language services to people in a wide variety of settings.