.:Care Services:.

.:Care Services:.

Clarion-Care Nanny and Domestic Services specializes in care and household support services. Clarion recruits nannies, educators, caregivers, hospitality workers and cleaners. Clarion aims at supporting busy households at an affordable rate.



Target Clients
  • Families/private,
  • Group/nursing homes
  • Hotel/Hospitality Industry
  • Small / Home/based businesses
  • Foreign language learners


Clarion’s workers can be of service to private, group and nursing homes. The hotel and hospitality industry may benefit from our domestic, cleaning and hotel maid services. Owners of home-based and small business may also benefit from these services. Families or individuals intending to learn a foreign language in preparation for a planned overseas trip, for fun or for academic needs may benefit from our “Au Pair” services for the duration agreed on by both parties.


Target Workers

  • Nannies/educators
  • Caregivers
  • Hotel/Hospitality Workers
  • Cleaners


Phone : 403 399-4149
Fax: (403) 208-2491
Email: info@clarioncareservices.com