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Clarion started as a language services agency in the summer of 1998. At that time limited languages were offered and the owner, Lara Ade, performed most of the tasks herself offering language services in French, Yoruba and English. As time went by Clarion’s clients requested for services in languages that are rare to find in the province and Clarion worked very hard to find native speakers of those languages who were also fluent in English. Lara encouraged her casual workers to take certificate courses in interpretation to enhance their skills and to get accredited. Today, Clarion has a huge database and boasts of having sent interpreters out on almost 500 interpretation and translation assignments and has served in more than 65 languages.


Addition of Care Services
Over the course of the years, Clarion was asked to send interpreters to home environments where interviews were being conducted. Here, a need was identified to offer in-home support services through workers who possess bilingual or multilingual skills. Clarion found this to be of great benefit to clients served at no extra cost to them.

In addition Clarion started to provide interpretation services in hospitals and group home environments and another need was felt to add care services to Clarion’s services so workers can be sent to work in group homes where seniors and other people who need support with their daily living activities reside. Language skills now became an asset for workers willing to work as caregivers and domestic workers through Clarion.


Today, Clarion is now a multi service staffing agency providing language and in-home support services to a wide range of clients because Clarion recruits nannies, educators, caregivers, domestic workers and hotel/hospitality workers for its in-home support services. Clarion also continues to recruit accredited interpreters and translators, language instructors and tutors for its language services.


Language services include foreign and official language training, tutoring, translation, and interpretation in over 60 languages. Clarion thus recruits educators, accredited translator and interpreters for its language services department.


Care services include childcare, adult care, domestic and cleaning services. Clarion Care staff includes trained and experienced caregivers, in-home support workers as wells as experienced hotel and hospitality industry workers.

Sometimes Clarion is able to provide highly skilled workers in various fields of work who at the same time possess specific language skills required to perform the job well because the language skills are able to break communication barriers.


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