Primary Functions: The nanny/governess is an educationally qualified individual responsible to oversee the family's children and their upbringing. She is typically responsible for many aspects of education, may home-school the children, and may be responsible for putting them to bed, getting them to their lessons, and any other typical job of a parent. The nanny/governess will organize play dates and other activities; maintain the bedrooms, play areas and clothing, prepare the children's meals, all in the context of an educational, comfortable and safe environment. The nanny/governess typically has minimal responsibilities for domestic chores not directly related to the children.


Secondary Functions: May include such personal services such as dropping off/picking up dry cleaning, travel planning, party planning, grocery shopping, and household budgeting. The nanny/household manager typically works in a household where the children are few (1-2), older, (4+) and spend a considerable part of their time out of home in school or another supervised setting (camps for example).


Nanny/Household Manager

A nanny/household manager typically works eight to ten hours per day, generally five days per week. A nanny/household manager may live in or live out. The nanny/household manager often has training in formal service, either through a nanny/butler/household management program or via the hotel/hospitality industry. Should have previous verifiable childcare experience and show a sincere interest in working with children.

.:Nanny Services:.

Clarion will also offer its services to families who require specialized nanny services. This aspect of the business has developed from numerous potential French-speaking clients who wanted to know if Clarion could provide French speaking nannies. Apart from official language preference, Clarion will also offer extended specialized services to its nanny clients. The nanny job is the best paying childcare career - and for good reason! Nannies are expected to participate in the social, emotional, and intellectual development of their charges, and will work with the child(ren) on such areas as language development, potty training, social manners, homework, and more. Most families request that a nanny make a minimum commitment of one year to the job. This is to make sure that the children have continuity in their childcare.


There is an ever-increasing need in the area of nanny services. Over the years people have approached us with a request to find them specialized nannies. Requests have ranged from official language preferences (French or English) to religious preferences and even some families have interest in employing “second mom” or governess type of nannies. These specialized nannies will perform managerial roles that included children’s education and even budget for the family. As a result of these interests expressed by certain clients who were in a position to afford to pay for such services, Clarion went ahead and conducted a survey that has resulted in the questionnaire in the link below:


Nanny Questionnaire